Rate of Essay Writing Companies (reviews)

Rate of Essay Writing Companies (reviews)

Pay for essays writing service online is a huge task which depends on the preference of the individual student. Despite the individual needs, students consider reliable companies, experiences writers and plagiarism free essays. Reading the essay writing service reviews will assist you to know what you need to know concerning choosing the best writing companies.

The need for Using Writing Services

There are various reasons why college students may choose to use a writing service.

  • They may lack time to complete an assignment because of preparing for an examination
  • A task could have a short deadline, and one may not be in a position to write fast enough.
  • The instructors could demand the use of a particular formatting style that one is not proficient in it.
  • Students could be required to score good grades to qualify for another program or get a school of their choice.

These are some of the common reasons why students use writing companies. Whichever reason you have, it is valid enough to enable you to seek the best writing services online.

The Best Writing Companies

Writing companies offer a range of services which range from essay writing, paper writing, creative writing, advanced graduate writing, editing, resume writing, data analysis among other services. The clients get their papers formatted correctly such that all they have to do is insert their details and print or upload the assignment. Students indicate the time they expect to receive the job and the number of pages.

The essay writing industry is infested with scam companies that promise good quality essay but fail to deliver as expected. Hence, I decided to carry out extensive research to identify some of the essay writing services online. My recommended services include customessaypurchase.com, ca.edujungles.com, buyessaynow.com, and essaybasocs.com.

The Best Writing Companies


This company has been offering writing services since 1997.


  • High-quality essays
  • Realizable writers
  • A wide range of academic services


  • The starting price is $21.99 per page which is expensive
  • Short deadline essays will attract extra costs


The company is based in the CA but works with students from all over the world


  • Relatively cheap with plenty of discounts
  • Plagiarism free work
  • Revisions at no extra cost


  • The global appeal means the services may not be relevant to the specific country.
  • The customer service is not excellent.


It is one of the leading academic service specializing in dissertations.


  • The service ollows high academic standards.
  • It offers 100% plagiarism free jobs.
  • Flexible pricing.


  • The support does not respond on time.
  • Jobs may be late without notice.


This is one of the best essay writing services available for students from various fields.


  • A wide range of academic fields
  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality papers which are free of plagiarism


  • The customer support is not up to the level of such website
  • Little onsite feedback.

As indicated, all four writing services have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I would recommend EssayBasics as the best essay writing website. I admire the way they offer high-quality papers at relatively affordable prices. Besides, having a wide range of academic fields caters for the needs of different students.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Writing Service.

Where you are studying

Ensure the company can handle assignments from your specific country given that education systems and curriculums differ from one country to another.


Identify a company which offers high-quality papers at affordable prices. However, be careful not to choose a service because it is cheap because you could end up getting poor services.


Research widely to know the reputation of the service. You can check websites  for more college paper writing service reviews. Read the experiences of other students to determine the likelihood of a company offering you an excellent service.

The writers

Ensure you check the qualifications of the writers. Choose writers by their academic credentials. Consider their area of interest before choosing them. This is essential in ensuring that the writer understands the field.

Ask for samples

You need to have a look at some of the papers the writing service has done in the past. If the examples are of high quality, then you can proceed and choose the writing service.

You need to remember that using writing services is not cheating. Professors require well-written assignments which are free of plagiarism. Essay writing services will meet these requirements; hence you are free to hand in the essays as your own.

Conclusively, the guide offers some of the best writing services available. Although I have recommended one of the writing services, the remaining ones are also good. Follow the tips I have provided to decide on the writing service that best meets your needs.

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