What are the best apps for college students? Can I have access to some of the most interesting and free apps for colleges? These questions often strike the minds of various students, the ones who want to achieve success in their academic careers and are on the constant look out of suitable applications. Here we have a list of some of the most exciting education apps for students.


While at college, you will be required to make notes or mention important points in your book. If you do not do so, then it may not be possible for you to achieve success. Evernote is made for those who want to make notes digitally, using their mobile phones. You can download this app from the web and can adjust its settings according to your desire before using it. It is one of those very few apps for college students that can make your life easier and can allow you to note down important things without any major issue.


It is one of those educational applications for students that can make their lives easier, comfortable and better. You can download My Study Life from the web, and it is compatible with both computer devices and mobile phones. The application is easy to , and the settings can be adjusted according to your desires.


Using this application, you can calculate things easily, precisely and correctly. It allows you to calculate important things using sophisticated formulas without any major issue or problem.

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